Stephanie Mangold

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Office Manager

Most of our clients know Stephanie Shadden Mangold as the smiling voice on the other side of the phone or the sweet words in an email – we know her as, well, those too, but her official title is Production Manager. The ultimate behind-the-scenes superhero, Stephanie is the liaison between our clients and readers. Her mission is to ensure that each client is not only happy with their advertisements, but is also getting the most value from our team.

With WestCoast Media for 5½ years, Stephanie was first drawn to the position because she loved being able to help people. She has learned many lessons while at WestCoast, including how to do 784 tasks at once and using the magic words to get signoffs at deadline, but true to her sweet disposition, Stephanie believes that her most important lesson has been the ability to take a step back and put herself in someone else’s shoes. Even if a customer is displeased, she attempts to understand how they are feeling, while at the same time, treats them with the utmost respect, kindness and aims to find a solution. Her ability to stay cool under most any circumstances has allowed Stephanie to build lasting relationships with many WestCoast clients, vendors and community connections.

(It’s important to note that one of the essential things SHE has taught US is how to go from cluttered desks to complete organization – otherwise we still wouldn’t be able to find the computer!)

When she’s not being a production wizard, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband and family, which includes her adorable rescue beagle mixes Stanley and Oliver. Beyond that, Stephanie loves cooking delicious, mouth-watering meals, listening to all types of punk rock bands, taking photos, and turning her home into a place where every guest feels welcomed.

Stephanie’s life is as if it’s straight out of a movie: on the weekends, she loves riding her bike, playing catch with her hubby, running around with Stanley and Oliver, playing games, and going for a nice walk or hike. You will find her in the kitchen on Sundays, either making a tasty brunch or creating a fancy dinner (we’re drooling just thinking about it); otherwise, she’s doing laundry, which she explains her love for in her own words: “Booooo!”

What community means to Stephanie: Feeling connected, supported, helped and valued.