liz cahn castruita

Liz Cahn-Castruita

  • Main team

Without Liz Cahn-Castruita, there would be no WestCoast Media. She has worn the hat of an account executive, writer, creator, HR person, PR agent, campaign manager, visionary, boss…in other words, she is the Publisher and CEO of WestCoast Media (and we’re exhausted just thinking about it!). A woman of many talents, Liz is responsible for the direction, success and future of the company.

It all began 24 years ago when Liz understood the vital roles that local businesses play on the success and vibrancy of our communities. She wanted to strengthen the bond between these businesses and local residents – and what better way than to bring their services and products directly to residents in our neighborhoods??

Thus, WestCoast Media was born.

Liz began her new career with a hopeful heart and clear vision: to make a difference in the community where she would raise her children. She wanted to create a publication that people felt they could relate to. Her goal from the very beginning has always been to offer inspiration, hope and gratitude for all that our communities have to offer, and to give back in a way that would have a bigger impact on the people who live, work and play here.

Twenty-four years later, Liz has shaped WestCoast Media to encompass so much more than just the magazine. We also provide a variety of marketing and advertising services for a diverse group of dedicated clients. Functioning as an ad agency, WestCoast Media provides services that include print, direct mail, graphic design, copy writing, website development, product branding, as well as multiple campaign strategies.

WestCoast Magazine is in the business of keeping our community members up to date on anything and everything local, and while it can be difficult at times, Liz still finds time to live the good life. A lover of chocolate, fine foods, a good glass of wine, and a great massage (yes, in that order), Liz enjoys spending many weekends with great friends. Her Saturday mornings consist of meeting with a group of women called Lydia’s Ladies. Although she was the last to join the group, she loves the camaraderie, strong bonds of friendship, support and empowerment she feels from the group. Her guilty pleasure is watching reality shows (Shh! don’t tell anyone about that last one…even she’s embarrassed). Liz enjoys spending time with her kids when she can; her daughter Briana lives in San Francisco and her son Branden is currently living in New York. She also loves hanging out with her husband Larry (he keeps her grounded), her cute, scruffy pup Leo (he keeps her smiling), and her entire extended family (they keep her humble).

After losing her mother a couple years ago, Liz recognizes and embraces the valuable lessons she has learned: there is no time like the present to tell the people you love how you feel about them; time doesn’t stand still for anyone; and live life with no regrets. When she’s not working, you can find Liz loving life, whether she is hiking, reading, dancing, shopping, singing in the shower, or playing board games. She is most at home when she is with friends, family or creating traditions. One place you will never find her is in the kitchen!

What community means to Liz: To live in neighborhoods where we have a responsibility to uphold our obligation as good citizens, and be good examples to our kids and families. To assist where we can, contribute, and to always care about each other.


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