September is National Preparedness Month!

  • start date 01 Sep 2017
  • end date 30 Sep 2017
  • venue City of Corona

September is National Preparedness Month!

Emergencies or disasters can strike at anytime. Whether it is an earthquake, fire, flood, power outage, heat wave or any other natural or manmade disaster, planning and preparedness is critical!  September has been proclaimed as National Preparedness month which is recognized at the local, regional and national levels with the intent to bring awareness to  the community on Corona-Events-on-September-1-2017the importance of being prepared.

The theme for this year is: “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.” But how many of us are ACTUALLY prepared? This month, we will be going over a series of tools and tips to help prepare you, your family, your animals, your neighbors, and so much more!

September National Preparedness Series:

  • Week 1: Make a Plan for Yourself, Family, and Friends
  • Week 2: Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community
  • Week 3: Practice and Build Out Your Plans
  • Week 4: Get Involved! Be a Part of Something Larger

For more information about National Preparedness Month, please click here.


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