Trash Can Regulations Reminder

  • start date 04 Feb 2018
  • end date 28 Feb 2018
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Trash Can Regulations Reminder

Did you know? Eastvale Events Trash CansAccording to Municipal Code section 120.050.080 (d) (1) c-d Trash, garbage, recycling or green waste containers (cans, bins, boxes or other such containers) shall not be kept in any front yard, driveway, walkway, sidewalk, street or right-of-way for more than 36 sequential hours in any seven-day period, including trash and recycling pickup day.

Trash containers used for construction or remodeling of the property shall be exempt provided that they are removed within 45 days following issuance of building permits, unless additional time is granted or approved by the department of building and safety.

For single-family residential developments, the trash or recycling containers shall be stored in garage, side yard or rear yard, in a manner that they are not visible from any public street.



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