• 30 Shades of Gray

    30 Shades of Gray

    Decorating a home can be daunting. Whether you’ve just purchased your first house or downsized after your kids left for college, or perhaps you’re finally ready to turn your home into the “grownup” domicile you’ve always wanted, the overwhelming number of paint and styl…

  • Common Summer Illnesses

    Common Summer Illnesses

    For most people, warm summer months mean trips to the beach, lazy days by the pool, hikes in the woods, and grilling out in the evenings. But sometimes all the fun and games of summer can come to a halt due to common summer illnesses.

    Before you dive into your pool, …

  • Cool Fashion for Warm Weather

    Cool Fashion for Warm Weather

    Summer has arrived and it’s time to store away those long sleeves for some fresh, fun and funky looks to stay “cool” in this warm weather! Fashion is a personal platform used to be creative in expressing yourself, and summer is the perfect time to get out of your comfor…

  • Outdoor Living at Home

    Outdoor Living at Home

    The weather is nice and this is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Creating a permanent living space outdoors is the best way to turn your backyard into an extension of your home. The easiest way to do this is by approaching the design of your backyard as you would…

  • Women to Watch 2019

    Women to Watch 2019

    Here Is to Confident, Strong Women May We Know Them, May We Be ThemMay We Raise Them.  -Author unknown 

    We boast of the creative, incredible and talented women who continue to impress all year long with all that they do and give to their families, businesses and comm…