• Health & Wellness Quiz  

    Health & Wellness Quiz  

    Test your knowledge by answering the questions below, then challenge your family and friends to see who got the most correct answers.

    What should you do if you feel pain during exercise?

    A. Continue exercising and push through the pain

    B. Modify the exercise by…

  • Create A Bedroom for Your Well-Being

    Create A Bedroom for Your Well-Being

    Recently, people have started to acknowledge the critical role mental health plays in our everyday lives. With that has come the realization of the importance of self-care, which is any activity we deliberately engage in to better our emotional, mental, and physical hea…

  • My 5-Year Journey

    My 5-Year Journey

    Five years ago, I found out a lot about myself when I was diagnosed with Stage Ib1 glandular adenocarcinoma cervical cancer with poorly differentiated cells. My cancer was HPV (human papillomavirus) related. I had to make a choice, and I chose to fight. 

    After going …

  • Top Doctors 2020

    Top Doctors 2020

    Putting Things in Perspective

    We’re always searching for the best when it comes to things that matter. We don’t want to settle for a mediocre mechanic, a faulty financial adviser, or even a second-rate interior designer – which, of course, makes sense. We’re trusting…

  • A Warm Festive Home

    A Warm Festive Home

    Whether the holidays are trimmed in white, red, gold, silver, or green, most cultures have a special way of celebrating. For the Japanese, it’s “Ōmisoka,” or setting things in order before the new year. In Denmark, they have a special feast called “Juleaften” that often…