• Traveling with Toddlers?

    Traveling with Toddlers?

    If you’re taking your children with you for the first time, you should know this: traveling with children can make your journey more stressful than exciting, especially with little ones. Just imagine a toddler who doesn’t want to be strapped into his seat, screaming for…

  • Summer Sun Safety Tips

    Summer Sun Safety Tips

    “You have cancer.” Those are the three words I heard in the summer of 2016. My dermatologist called to tell me my biopsy came back as something called melanoma. I went home and researched exactly what melanoma was, and that’s when my world turned upside down. Melanoma i…

  • Ease the Way for Kids Leaving for Summer Camp

    Ease the Way for Kids Leaving for Summer Camp

    Summer’s here, and what better way to celebrate than participating in something new and exciting? There are so many different summer camp opportunities for children, from music camp to sports camp to cowboy camp, and even camps for children with certain disabilities. Wi…

  • Body Size Does Not Define Beauty

    Body Size Does Not Define Beauty

    “Beauty is not defined by the size of your jeans” is a phrase we’re starting to hear more and more. And while we all know this to be the honest truth, if you’re someone who’s ever struggled with your weight, it’s been a hard concept to fully accept – until recently. 

  • Women to Watch 2019

    Women to Watch 2019

    Here Is to Confident, Strong Women May We Know Them, May We Be ThemMay We Raise Them.  -Author unknown 

    We boast of the creative, incredible and talented women who continue to impress all year long with all that they do and give to their families, businesses and comm…