• Holiday Wear for the Wise

    Holiday Wear for the Wise

    Not sure what to wear to a holiday soiree? Here’s how to make dressing for your party circuit easier, faster, and a bit more special.

    Not Again

    Traditional wisdom may say to stick with a little black dress for versatility, but you might want to consider the opposi…

  • Thanksgiving Traditions Worth Keeping

    Thanksgiving Traditions Worth Keeping

    When the holiday of gratitude rolls around, it’s no wonder so many people love a day of thankfulness. No wrapped gifts to be exchanged. No shopping to be had. No store-bought wishes to be granted. No disappointments of not receiving something you thought was coming. Jus…

  • Revamping Your Fall Skin Care Routine

    Revamping Your Fall Skin Care Routine

    As the seasons change, so should your skin care routine. The products you apply to your skin should cater to your skin type as well as your environment. For instance, in the summer you most likely reduced your moisturizer application or switched to a lighter moisturizer…

  • Stress Less Children

    Stress Less Children

    We all get stressed and find situations in life challenging at times. It’s no different with children, except most of them don’t know what’s going on internally – they just know they don’t feel right. Having tools available to help our children cope and deal with stress…